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“The descent of Kukulkan”

Supreme Lord António Guterres (Secretary General of the UN),

My name is J.C. van der Beek and I am the incarnation of Kukulkan (for the Incas Quetzalcoatl). The return of Kukulkan is a fact and he needs help from the UN to get him started and on his way with the greatest quest in history to turn the tide to a great future for Humanity.

The best documentary of the rise and the fall of the Mayan and the prediction of the return of Kukulkan.

The 5th Kind & Gaia

Luckily this cannot come as a surprise because Kukulkan already descent every year spiritually through his Temple Pyramid: El Castillo in the hearts of bystanders around the Spring Serpent Equinox at Chichen Itza!

To secure our future, Kukulkan want to find out from the Secretary General of the UN, when Kukulkan can gives his UN speech address to the UN member states; with his plan of action how to protect humanity from its devastating course of destruction we now unconsciously have being maneuvered in. And you Sir of all people should know best what mess we’re living in right now. Look what the responsible Order have done to our world? Fortunately even if you give Kukulkan half a chance to save the planet he will guarantees success!

Merely because Kukulkan have to start from scratch with empty-handed and for the supporting and recognizing of his Divine birthright; the donations from all Royal Houses (Monarchies), Presidents and other World Leaders and even from those 1% (for cleaning up their mess) are very welcome. This is the bank IBAN: NL24INGB0003032681 payment reference “Respect” so that I can “Honour” everyone back… Many thanks in advance!

PS: If it is appropriate I also want to ensure with this letter (send 28-11-2019) the registration of The United Universe to become a member of the UN. And as the title “Supreme Lord” suggests; hopefully António Guterres can provide Kukulkan a Democracy Fund UNDEF for his MLEG?!

If you worship HunabKú than Kukulkan will love you back!

We all pray to the similar God because we are all children of the same God! But everyone gives it their own name and this is why all prayers have been notice but not understood by The Great Spirit Lord Anu.

…because these words do not match, after which they refer to because every object has given its origin name by the manifesting of our world by Lord Anu. For example, Kukulkan cannot understand the Greenwich time because it does not correspond to the natural spacetime and our internal biological clock. The same applies to the Gregorian calendar that does not correspond to the natural 13-moon calendar that controls all cycles of all flora and fauna. Or for example take the name of Oxygen instead of Tree, ore instead of Water, Healing instead of Sleep and Health instead of Rawfood. Or take all the different speaking languages with dual words with accompanying writing text… it’s all very confusing and because of this all prayers remain unanswered. Because there is only one universal language of Consciousness that does not use words with which everyone should communicate with Lord Anu (the true Source of Existence).

So in love & light Kukulkan is here to collect your prayers from your deepest desires. To spiritually, with the magic language of Consciousness, offer those to Lord Anu (the architect of our Holographic Universe). So your hearts wish is my command to change this current devastating age of stupid into our Promised Land.

If I was you the first pray should be: Always treat everyone the same way you want to be treated and the second: May people receive all sacred wisdom from the Kukulkan, through the MLEG, so they heal mother nature, so that she can provide the best environment with pristine air, vital water, rawfood and superfoods, possible for ourselves and future generations!

If you trust me your wish, than Kukulkan can offer it, with the language of Consciousness, to Lord Anu and his Infinite Intelligence can manifest it. So become a Patreon and please donate your wish there and Be the love change that you wish to see in the world today.

I suspended managing a vegan organic rawfood restaurant the Alchemist Garden in Amsterdam. So that I can 24/7 commit myself and Be the 💖 embodiment of the longingness of humankind.

Nevertheless Kukulkan wants to thank everyone for their patience and beliefs and also congratulate them for being aware of this period in which we currently living in. Because these are very special times and precisely therefore this is a good affair for the organizations who are responsible to accompanied the arrival of the expected Savior, and not now as the Holy figures Jesus Christ (a.k.a. even though the birth initials are J.C. and so those are the same as Jesus Christ.) or the Prophet Muhammad or Mozes or Siddhartha Gautama and/or other Holy Saints but in this case as Kukulkan, to start the initiated Protocol to install Kukulkan on the intended throne.

And to settle the past on a Karmic level it’s is expected by Lord Anu that the sacred art treasures that have unlawfully been taken, by the conquistadors in the Vatican, over the centuries in Latin America must return back to Kukulkan (the rightful owner) to gain back his Divine Mayan status.

Lord Anu also reference to the Church his Bible and certain treasures of the Vatican (in consultation with the Pope what he can offer me) and the Quran his Great Mosque and the content of Kaaba the Bayt Allah (in consultation with the Imam what he can offer me) and the Hebrew Bible his Temple that houses the Ark of the Covenant (in consultation with the Kohen what he can offer me) So that Kukulkan can be introduced to the world in a proper way…

Because if we want to safeguarding the future of humanity and mother nature, we must work together as soon as possible!

Via The United Universe Church you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites  )))

With the greatests respect!
In lak’ech, Diplomat Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy: 

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